How to read a cat scale ticket

How to read a cat scale ticket

How accurate are CAT scales?

Scale 2 is more accurate and will read within plus or minus 5 pounds. Scale 1, being less accurate , will have a plus or minus range of 25 pounds per 50 pound division. There are some additional accuracy issues related to whether the scale is mechanical (analog) or digital.

What is a cat scale?

CAT Scale installed its first scale in South Holland, Illinois in 1977. CAT Scale is now the largest truck scale network in the world, with over 1,800 locations in 47 states and seven Canadian Provinces and offers the Weigh My Truck® app that allows drivers to weigh and pay from their smartphone or tablet.

How much does a CAT scale weigh cost?

Cat Scale prices up slightly According to its website, the cost of the first weigh will be $12 and each reweigh after that will be $2.50. That’s up from $11.50 and $2, respectively.

What is a scale ticket?

Scale tickets are used to keep track of the weight of a truck’s contents, so that both the scrap plastic buyers and sellers can have an accurate reading of the weight of the scrap plastic material in the truck.

Can I weigh my car on a CAT scale?

When weighing your motorhome and tow car , the motorhome must be completely on the scale and it is best if you position the steer axle (front wheels) of the motorhome on platform 1, and the drive axle or rear axle of the motorhome on platform 2. The tow car will normally show up on platform 3.

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How much does it cost to weigh an RV?

The cost for weighing your RV on a CAT Certified Scale is roughly $10-11 and another $2 for a re- weigh , which is recommended. The cost to get Wheel Position Weighing is roughly $40-60.

What is a certified scale?

It will be inspected annually by the Bureau of Weights and Measures. A local weights and measures official will use NIST standards when inspecting your scale , certifying it for use and in most localities, the scale will be sealed (with a sticker showing the date) to prove it’s legal for trade.

How do you weight a trailer?

To check tongue weight , take your trailer to a truck stop or any other place with a certified scale and first place your tow vehicle on the scale and get its weight – this weight must be less than the GVWR of the tow vehicle. The, pull the trailer onto the scale and uncouple it from your tow vehicle.

Where can I get my pickup truck weighed?

If you have any questions about commercial vehicle weight station, d.m.v. certified scale or government approved weigh stations contact your local Motor Vehicle Registration Station. You can find Certified Scales in your area to get Weight certificate.

Do I have to stop at weigh stations with an RV?

The short answer to this is no, you do not have to stop at a weigh station . A weigh station is only for commercial vehicles that are hauling freight. If you are worried about your RV’s weight and want to make sure that you’re not overloaded, you can pull into a weigh station and get weighed , but it’s not required .

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What happens if a truck is overweight at a weigh station?

There are many weigh stations that force drivers to “shut down” their operation if their truck is overweight . Not only would you have to pay a fine, you would lose a lot of time and money waiting until another truck arrives to unload that excess weight.

Can I weigh my RV at a weigh station?

Through a process called “wheel position weighing ” that’s only available at RV weigh stations , you’ll discover if your RV is overweight by setting each wheel individually on the scale.

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