How to catch a shark in cat goes fishing

How to catch a shark in cat goes fishing

How do you get the shark in cat to go fishing?

Only eats live bait, pulls your lure into deep waters. To catch it, you need the Huge Hook. Costs 64000$.

Is Cat Goes Fishing free?

Cat5 Games developed Cat Goes Fishing . You can run it on Android and Windows, but remember, it is not a free game – a purchase is in order first. Apart from fishing , the game brings you a variety of quests, with cash as rewards.

How can I get my cat to go fishing for free?

How to Download & Install Cat Goes Fishing Click the Download button below and you should be redirected to UploadHaven. Once Cat Goes Fishing is done downloading, right click the . zip file and click on “Extract to Cat . Goes . Fishing . v22. Double click inside the Cat Goes Fishing folder and run the exe application.

How do you swim in cat goes fishing?

While swimming you can use ‘CTRL’ to grab hold of fish Medium sized or higher. You are not able to grab hold of Small Fish . You are able to use the mouse to control the fishing rod while swimming if you cast in before entering Swimming mode and as such hook and reel fish .

How do you catch a dragon cat in fishing?

you need to fish the egg and the dragon will bite it, then you can reel it up and successfully catch it. The dragon , if fished up, sells for 1.5 Million dollars. and can be fished up with any conditions, including night, rain or sunny.

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