How much do cat shots cost at petsmart

How much do cat shots cost at petsmart

Does PetSmart do cat vaccinations?

ShotVet clinic services will be offered in select PetSmart stores that do not have a veterinary practice inside. Pet parents will be able to schedule appointments or walk-in for a variety of services for their dog or cat , including rabies and Bordetella vaccines , Lyme and heartworm tests, exams and more.

How much does it cost for shots for cats?

The average cost of cat vaccinations are about $20 for a rabies vaccine , $35 for a 3 in 1 vaccine , $34 for the Feline Leukemia Vaccine , and $37 for the PureVax® Rabies according to VippetCare.

How much do cat shots cost at Petco?

Luv My Cat Pack, rabies, 4-in-1 and feline leukemia vaccines , $41. Super Cat Pack, rabies, 4-in-1 and feline leukemia vaccines , with either FeLV test ($56) or FeLV/FIV test ($66)

How much does it cost for a kitten’s first shots?

Kitten Vaccination Schedule Costs

6 – 8 Weeks Costs
1st FVRCP/C $ 22.56
Fecal Test $ 18.00
Deworming (If Needed) $ 11.36 and up
9 – 11 Weeks

Can I vaccinate my own cat?

Do -It-Yourself Vaccinations We sell dog and cat vaccinations that you can administer to your pet on your own at home. These include the Canine Spectra™ 10, Canine Spectra™ 9, Canine Spectra™ 6, Canine Spectra™ 5, Kennel-Jec™ 2, and Feline Focus™ 3 (vaccine drops). Only vaccinate healthy animals.

Is it ever too late to vaccinate my cat?

It’s never too late to start a vaccination programme. Older cats often have a weaker immune system so it is especially important to give them a helping hand and keep their boosters up to date.

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Do cats need shots if they stay inside?

The short answer is yes. There are two vaccines that are recommended for indoor cats . One is a combination vaccine which is abbreviated to FVRCP (stands for: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia). The diseases this vaccine protects against are devastating if not fatal.

How many shots does a cat need?

Currently the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) vaccination guidelines recommend that low-risk adult cats that received the full booster series of vaccines as kittens can be vaccinated every three years for the core vaccines ( feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, and

What shots do indoor kittens need?

Immunizations are started at 6-8 weeks of age and are repeated every 3-4 weeks until the kitten is 4 months old. The routine or core vaccinations will protect your kitten from the most common diseases: feline distemper ( panleukopenia ), feline viral rhinotracheitis (feline herpes virus 1), calicivirus, and rabies .

Does Petco do shots for cats?

Bring your pet into the Vetco Vaccination Clinics inside your local Petco . We offer a variety of affordable, preventive care services to help ensure the health and well-being of your dog or cat .

Does Petco do microchip?

For what it provides—peace of mind, to start— microchipping is a great value, Petco offers $19 microchips and free microchip checks through any Vetco Clinic.

Does Petco sell vaccines?

Affordable Pet Vaccination Clinics at PETCO .

How much does a kitten’s first vet visit cost?

Average veterinary price list1

Routine vet checkup: $45-$55
Cat or dog teeth cleaning: $70-$400
Cat or dog allergy testing: $195-$250 for skin test, $200-$300 for blood test
Geriatric screening for dogs or cats: $85-$110
Spaying or Neutering2: $35-$200
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How can you tell how old a kitten is?

A kitten’s weight in pounds roughly corresponds to his age in months, and he will gain weight at a relatively predictable rate until about 5 months of age . As long as a kitten is in good body condition, you can safely guess that a 1-pound kitten is about 4 weeks old and a 3-pound kitten is about 12 weeks old .

When should a kitten first go to the vet?

Depending on the age of your kitten , the first trip to the vets usually involves his first vaccination. This is due at 8-10 weeks of age with a second vaccination 2-4 weeks after the first . The examination does not cause your kitten any pain, and even the vaccinations are just a slight needle prick.

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