Cat quest how to get keys

Cat quest how to get keys

How do I get keys in Cat Quest?

To Pawt City. The first thing you’ll need to do is reach the Pawt City questline and complete the series of main story missions there. To the Island. Once you can walk on water, you can access the side quest that will award you the master key . The Golden Key .

How do you get the golden key in Cat Quest?

The Golden Key can be earned by defeating three mimic Golden Chests in the Hidden Cave, which can only be accessed by defeating the Gentlebros in the “This is It!” side quest on Founder’s Island II. To reach the island, the player will need to have the ability to walk on water.

How do you do the walk on water Cat Quest?

The Royal Art of Water Walking is learned by the Hero from the Governor of Pawt City after completing a few Side Quests for him. This skill enables you to walk on water in the overworld of Felingard. It can not be used in Caves or Ruins.

How do you get the water walking in Cat Quest 2?

Obtaining the water – walking skill is tied to Cat Quest 2 ‘s main quest . As you continue to progress through the game’s story, you’ll eventually be told that you need to reach an island. There’s no way to get there unless you’re able to walk on water . Kirry does have an idea, and you’re told to head to Pawt City.

What is cat quest Mew game?

Mew Game is a new game mode that lets you play Cat Quest with special meo-difiers that will change how you experience the game . You’ll also get Mew Game only rewards! ( Mew Game is unlocked if you have completed Cat Quest .)

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Where is the treasure in Cat Quest?

3- “From thar, go north-west to the center of the biggest lake in da land” 4- “Now stay true northwards to da gulf between grass and ice” 5- “Finally travel far west till da treasure is seen hidden underwater!” Walk around the indicated area until a small chat bubble appears.

How do you upgrade weapons in Cat Quest 2?

Item upgrades play an important role in the gameplay of Cat Quest 2 . Items can be upgraded in two ways: by spending gold at blacksmiths (Kit Kat for Armor/Hats and Hotto Doggo for Weapons /Wands); or by acquiring duplicate items from a chest or quest reward. A player can never have multiple copies of the same item.

Where is the final shard in Cat Quest 2?

[The Final Shard is north of the Catpital, near the ocean and next to the ‘trees of black’!] [Search for the Final Shard !] Kirry: I-I think this is a map!

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