What happened to talking kitty cat

What happened to talking kitty cat

What happened to the talking kitty cat series?

Cash, known for his ” Talking Kitty Cat ” series , passed away last week at the age of 40. The Nampa Police Department in Idaho responded to a call and found Cash dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I’m so sad to say, my husband, Steve Cash took his own life this morning 4/16/2020. It hurts me to share this.

Did Steve cash die from talking kitty cat?

Steve Cash , a popular YouTube personality best known for his “ Talking Kitty Cat ” video series, died in an apparent suicide Thursday morning, PEOPLE confirms. Cash was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in Idaho by police around 7:30 a.m., according to the Nampa Police Department.

Is Sylvester from talking kitty cat dead?

A popular YouTube personality, known for his “ Talking Kitty Cat ” series, has died at the age of 40, according to his wife.

How did Sylvester the cat die?

After he was reincarnated, his second and favourite owner was Todd McNabb, but only lived with him until 2 years old, dying from a fatal overdose of catnip (that he’s still addicted to). Later reincarnated again (on Halloween, October 31st, 2007), was adopted by Steve.

Can Sylvester the cat really talk?

You might even have found yourself having a conversation, although you and kitty speak different languages. Such is not the case for Steve Cash – his black cat Sylvester not only speaks English, but he’s got a whole lot to say.

Who is Todd talking kitty?

Todd McNaab is the main antagonist and primary villain of SteveCash83’s popular series also called Talking Kitty . He is also the owner of Rufus, Steve Cash’s nemesis and Gibson’s worst nightmare. He is portrayed by himself.

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What killed Steve cash?

October 14, 2019

Does Steve cash have a baby?

Steve was married to Celia DeCosta Cash , whom he met back in 2009, for 2 years up until his untimely passing due to suicide in April 2020. The couple also had 7 kids together.

How did Sylvester the talking cat lose his tooth?

Sylvester is an adult sized pure black shorthair. He has large canines unlike many cats that are visible even when his mouth is closed. He currently has one tooth busted out after trying to convince Steve to give him a ton of wet food.

What kind of cat is Sylvester?

tuxedo cat

Did Steve cash actually die?

October 14, 2019

Is Shelby blind?

As of Talking Kitty Cat #67.5 – Sylvester Gets A Job, Shelby has gone blind . This is a sign of ageing in dogs. Shelby has to be almost commanded by Steve to do normal, everyday things like walking and running. This is due to the fact that Shelby has gone blind , and is not able to do it herself.

How old is Sylvester the Cat?

The character debuted in Friz Freleng’s Life With Feathers (1945). Freleng’s 1947 cartoon Tweetie Pie was the first pairing of Tweety with Sylvester , and the Bob Clampett-directed Kitty Kornered (1946) was Sylvester’s first pairing with Porky Pig. Sylvester appeared in 103 cartoons in the golden age .

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