What does the song cat scratch fever mean

What does the song cat scratch fever mean

Who wrote cat scratch fever?

Тед Ньюджент

Who did cat scratch fever?

Cat Scratch Fever is the third studio album by American rock musician Ted Nugent . It was released on May 13, 1977, by Epic Records.

Who sang vocals on stranglehold?

Тед Ньюджент

What does Cat Scratch Fever look like?

The infected area may appear swollen and red with round, raised lesions and can have pus. A person with CSD may also have a fever , headache, poor appetite, and exhaustion. Later, the person’s lymph nodes near the original scratch or bite can become swollen, tender, or painful.

How do you play cat scratch?

Cat Scratch In order to play the game, you need at least two people. Person 1 sits upright on the floor or a couch. Person 1 has to rub person 2’s temples as if they were an animal being petted. Person 1 will then start to recite one of 2 stories. After the story is told person 2 should get up and reveal their back.

How long does it take for cat scratch fever to show up?

The most common symptoms include fever; enlarged, tender lymph nodes that develop 1– 3 weeks after exposure; and a scab or pustule at the scratch site. In the United States, most cases occur in the fall and winter and illness is most common in children less than 15 years old.

What is another name for cat scratch fever?

Cat scratch fever, also called cat scratch disease ( CSD ), is a bacterial infection . The disease gets its name because people contract it from cats infected with Bartonella henselae bacteria.

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Can you get cat scratch fever from an indoor cat?

If your cat is strictly an indoor cat , her chances of developing bartonella or ” cat scratch fever ” (as it is often nicknamed) are low, but you should still be aware of the risks.

Who sang Cat Scratch Fever vocals?

Ted Nugent

Did Meatloaf sing for Ted Nugent?

On the album Ted Nugent sang lead for the album’s opening title track “Free For All.” Derek St Holmes performed the lead vocals on “Dog Eat Gog,” “Turn It Up,” and “Light My Way.” Meat Loaf performed the lead vocals on the albums remaining five tracks, “Writing on the Wall,” “Street Rats,” “Together,” “Hammerdown,” and

Did Ted Nugent sing any of his songs?

After dissolving The Amboy Dukes, he embarked on a solo career. Despite possessing a distinctive, wide ranging singing voice, Nugent recorded and toured with other singers during much of his early solo career, including Derek St. Holmes, Brian Howe, and Meat Loaf.

What happens if Cat scratch fever goes untreated?

Symptoms typically involve fatigue, fever and swollen lymph nodes. But in a small number of cases, cat – scratch disease can cause the brain to swell or infect the heart. Infections like those can be fatal if they aren’t properly treated. “Most of the people who get seriously sick from cat – scratch are immunocompromised.

What antibiotic is used for cat scratch fever?

Generally, cat-scratch disease is not serious. Medical treatment may not be needed. In some cases, treatment with antibiotics such as azithromycin can be helpful. Other antibiotics may be used, including clarithromycin , rifampin , trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole , or ciprofloxacin.

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When should I be concerned about a cat scratch?

Call your family doctor if you notice any of the following problems: A cat scratch or bite that is not healing. A red area around a cat scratch or bite that continues to get bigger for more than 2 days after the injury. Fever that lasts for several days after a cat scratch or bite.

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